domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

Welcome again.

Welcome again.

On a cold morning, alone as usual… I found you (or maybe you found me), you’re welcome again (sorry if I don’t say it, but it’s just the way I am), you’ll be here for a while (so, I don’t need to know you), just enjoy.

I took you to the classroom (only because you asked me to, not that I care), you said you knew me form some years ago, but I couldn’t just remember (sorry, it was true, in fact… I still can’t) thought we must start from the beginning.

I introduced you to my friends (just common people) in hopes of making you feel like a part of the group. You made new friends, but you were always with me, sharing books, making a work team, talking, sharing time (why?). We were both different, you were a polite girl while I was… me, always trying to make you go nuts, but failing.

One day you left (thanks god), I wrote something for you (just to make you happy, not that I care) and I kept living.

A year passed and you found me (or maybe I found you), you’re welcome again (sorry if I don’t say it, but it’s just the way I am). You came totally different, now you were a little bit like me… but still being you.

Boys were crazy about you, they were totally in love with you (not that I care), good for you but not for me. They hated me because you only wanted to be with me (why for?). Then I got sick for two days which I hopped you’ll find someone else to be with, but not just for only those two days, in fact… I wanted to be alone because I made a mistake (I started to care of you).

At the first night of my sickness… you phone called me to know how I was (you shouldn’t care). I asked you how was your day and you said it went all right because you worked with some else (I felt good at that), but then… you said you missed me (that just changed all). You wished me to get well and then hung off the phone.

At the second night you called again to know how I was. I said that I was gonna be there at the morning… and I did it. You were so happy to see me, we worked together, we played… and we laughed once more and again.

I remember that one day we were discussing about names for your newly born brother, and a teacher came out of the nowhere asking if we were finally thinking about some names for our future son. We laughed and kept with it.

Some other day, your uncle came to give some English lessons to my group (we were not at the same group even that you wanted) and I had a problem with him (just like you), but you helped me to cool out even that it took some time to both of us.

After everyone heard that the man was your uncle… they all started to say he was mine too because I was your boyfriend (what a lie).

The time brought some news. You were leaving for vacations. I wrote something for you in exchange of something you wrote for me. Time came and you left. I missed you (I truly did).
One night you called home saying that you’d be back in two weeks (I felt fine). Next day I was on classes and you just appeared (I was so happy).

Couple of days passed and we had a fight. Saturday night you called saying that you felt sorry, but I didn’t care and hung (we repeated that probably five or six times more). Next night you called saying that you were drunk (that was truly stupid, you knew you weren’t). I forgave you and we backed to be friends. But time came and you left me again.

I felt so alone and you never came back, well… just once, but our plans got ruined, and I after that, I just waited for you to call, but again destiny brought us apart… and I finally lost you forever.

You know? I wish I could say “welcome again” once more some day, but I guess that there are some things that must remain lost… somewhere in the past.

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