sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Primal idea.

Primal idea.

For everyone who writes… There’s always a primal idea, a line of thought that leads every single word you write… To the point where it could be called “something” instead of being just called “a bunch of doodles”, that would mean that everyone who writes… writes that because of a personal reason, which means, it’s his own idea or emotion, so, the writer knows exactly what he writes and the reasons why he does it, but even with that… I’ve heard a lot of writers always saying when they’re asked… That the readers define each and everyone at his own pace whatever they like about their writings, and yes, at that part I’m agreed with them, but still… I’ve heard them using that as an excuse for not to explain the real meaning of its work, and that’s where I’m against them, because I as a reader, would like to know not only my idea but his own.

It’ll maybe sound harsh but… I can’t stand those who call themselves writers and still are unable to explain something as easy as their own writing, I mean, if you’re not gonna give an explanation when you’re seriously asked and only gonna hide into an excuse… Then why did you wrote and published on the first time? Because if it was gonna be only personal… Then it was a waste of time to make it into something that a lot of people would read. A real writer should never avoid that topic.

Speaking about that… I’ll only say I’m not a writer or something like that; I would rather to be called a writing mime. And yes, about the meanings… What if on purpose I’d write something with more than one meaning? Wouldn’t it be funny to think that the author was even more concentrated into giving not just one topic but more at once and without affecting the bases of his own writing? Because… I usually do that, and if they ask me… I’ll give all the reasons and listen to some new ones, because I like to know what the people think at every time, because… I’m a mime and love the invisible world of the thoughts and like to exchange mines with the rest of the world.

With all of that said… I’ll only add my farewell from the mime over the mirror that laughs of the existence and all of the stuff.

Enjoy the silence my beloved ones.


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