lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Paper pieces.

Paper pieces.

I wrote something on a paper to help me not forget, it was something really important I guess, otherwise I wouldn’t wrote it, the thing is, that I forgot even thought I tried not to , so, I ran in search of that sheet in order to remember what I needed not to forget. Was it something I had to say and I forgot to? Feels like it.

Life’s as cruel as it seems to be, I found the sheet literally murdered by my bunny friend, I took up the only pieces left, paper pieces whit separated words and letters that meant nothing, the message was lost.

I spent a night trying to remember but I couldn’t so I spent another night trying to restore or rearrange the message in order to understand what was it and why was it so important for me not to forget about it.
It was like trying to descifrate an enigma so this is as far as I could go:

Jss ianne, I lve yu wth al my soul nd hart…
Bt I alws frget to tll u whn we tak
N tis life nd ftr it.
I lve yo mousy, never frgt it.

Now the only thing I need to do is to find out what is this suppose to mean to me, or was it for someone else? Well, I just hope this words will get to the person that they belong.

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