martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

Goodnight my little three.

Goodnight my little three.

It was cold outside and the three looked so sad that it could be thought he also needed a friend.
One girl was there, looking through the window as it rained.

-I’ll make you smile and look as if you were me.

The three didn’t move, he was just standing there between the gust and the heavy rain.

-I’ll make you warm and safe, just you wait… and I’ll be holding close enough to help.

There outside the windows as it rained… there was a three always looking for a tender happy girl.

“Don’t come, it’s not time and I want you to stay in there, I’ll be fine, just don’t come or else you’d be endangering yourself”

The echoes of the wind didn’t help the keeper; the girl took a stroll outside its place. It was raining and she heard the thunder, she jumped a little every time it scared.

-Just you wait, just you wait, we’ll soon enough be happy; you’ll learn to love the place we stay.

“Don’t come, don’t come or else we’ll dying, I want not to cause that shame”

-Just wait, a tender hug and you’ll be warmth, no wind will ever cold your skin again… nor the rain will make you look so sad as a broken man who has no faith.


“Close your eyes, were both already dead”

There under the rain was nothing, a pitched black spot and a corpse that laid, the sound of thunder, a house that only stood and stared.

-Goodnight my little three-

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